A visual communication studio based in Bern, which develops ideas, designs, programs, animates and closely accompanies projects.

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In close cooperation with our clients, we design, develop and realise target group-oriented communication. Find our case studies of selected projects below.
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Corporate Design

We conceive and design logos, websites, product designs, classic letterheads and everything your company or brand needs. Our task is not limited to designs. We are also happy to be long-term consulting partners and accompany our clients from the conception to the realisation of measures.

Graphic Design

We design your products, visualise your services and implement campaigns. In addition to the visually consistent appearance, we also help creating texts and can cover the entire communication.


Illustrations can give utterance to your company, products and services. There are no limits to the look and feel of the characters. Discover the variety and possibilities to illustrate your processes and tell stories.


We not only design, we program as well. Everything in HTML5, obviously responsive, unconventionally, and always target group oriented. Feel free to ask about CMS options.


Your characters will come to life. Animations are popular films that are often used in campaigns, explanatory films, commercials, music videos and presentations. If a text, a process or a story is difficult to put into words, then an animation could be just the right solution for you.

Social Media

Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook etc.: Welcome to the social dilemma. The digital world evolves quickly – and we evolve with it. You want to be presented with your company at your target group's favorite platform? We help you to find the right channel and accompany you from the strategy to the publication of target group-oriented advertisements to the measurement of success.