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Sandra Schneider
Consulting, Project Management, Social Media & Marketing
Reno Bertolotti
Consulting, Web Development
Tom Hänni
Character Design, Illustrations, Animations
Sandro Gygli
Concept & Design
Zora Gauch
Concept & Design
Joël Küpfer
Project Management, Social Media & Marketing
Céline Violetti
Concept & Design
Vaidehi Hofer
Concept & Design

Massimo Fiume
Consulting & project management 

We are a visual communication office in Bern.

In 2004 our studio was founded by three highly motivated guys. Since then we have grown a bit and are set up in a way that each:r brings expertise in different competencies. We don't call ourselves an agency - for that we are a bit more unconventional - but a studio for visual communication in Bern. We like it familiar and are more motivated than ever. That's what our clients also.

Our partners, our friends, our network.

Incredibly talented video producers with whom we get to share our studio.

So that you sound the way you want to be heard.

goes on the hunt for good and honest texts.

create emotional images for your project.

We work with Roman on e-commerce and larger web projects.

Together with Apps with love, we develop apps for iOS / Android and web applications. 

We value the open and close cooperation with our customers.

Our client list includes many different companies. That's what makes our job interesting. Talk to us about your needs, we can usually find a solution.


  • Apps with Love
  • Archipel
  • Artefrisura
  • Awila Real Estate
  • Bikeplan
  • Carlsberg
  • Diaconis
  • Heinzelmann Optik
  • Integra
  • Leist Optik
  • Cantonal Bank of Lucerne
  • Migros
  • Furniture
  • Pagume
  • Pfister Holding
  • Puzzle
  • RAV
  • Sahli Interactive
  • SBB
  • Simplex
  • Smart Ecofilms
  • Spitex Seeland
  • UNIK Playground


  • Adrian Reber
  • BSC YB
  • Galerie Soon
  • Gaskessel
  • Loco Escrito
  • Müslüm
  • Neustadt Lab
  • Theater am Käfigturm
  • Theatreszene
  • Tommy Vercetti


  • Basisstufen
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Gymansium Hofwil
  • Gymnasium Liestal
  • Bern University of the Arts
  • Musikschule Muri-Gümligen
  • Schule für Gestaltung Bern and Biel
  • University of Bern


  • Swiss Academy of Sciences
  • Alois & Auguste Foundation
  • Alzheimer Switzerland
  • Blood Donation SRC Switzerland
  • Federal Office of Sport FOSPO
  • Dementia Conference
  • SDC
  • Junge Alternative JA
  • Cancer League
  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Spirit Bird
  • SPOG
  • Winterhilfe Switzerland
  • Zürcher Brockenhaus

  Social Media

  • Kambly
  • Klubschule Migros
  • Shoppyland
  • Theater am Käfigturm
  • Treuhand Suisse
  • Westside

Contact us for a no-obligation on- or offline meeting. We always like to meet new faces.

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