A guide with 11 principles that we don't want to withhold from you.

With almost 20 years in the business, we felt we had enough experience to establish a few rules for a pleasant collaboration with us (and other studios). Have fun reading!

2. Bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman

says an old proverb, and describes the consideration of target group and purpose almost perfectly. What you like doesn't have to please your audience.

1. Communication is a professional profession

We're not prevented artists, we are trained professionals. It is desirable and your right to contribute constructively. But rely on our experience.

4. Professional ethics, an old-fashioned luxury

Communication is a business, let's not kid ourselves. Sometimes it is unclear which side you are taking. That's why we allow ourselves to say no sometimes.

3. Don't keep the leash too short

Creativity is not an end in itself. But good and original solutions need a certain amount of freedom. Especially in the beginning, openness is certainly more conducive than caution. We do not suggest any rash promises.

5. Quality doesn't care about suits

Happy at work, happy in life – and vice versa. That's precisely why you have to be able to maintain and separate the two. We take our work seriously, even if we are wearing our swimsuits at the office or prefer to stay at home on weekends.

7. Good things come to those who wait

Original solutions and high-quality products need time. Inventiveness and stress are not compatible. Contact us early to discuss the realistic duration of the project – experience shows that it is underestimated.

6. Reap what you sow

We can only deliver quality if you do the same: send us final and correct texts, give us clear and understandable feedback, discuss the quality of the photos with us. And do it on time.

9. We're the route, you're the goal

Phrase your communication goal as openly as possible. You don't want a red flyer – you want to get a message to the audience. Let us worry about the route to get there. Maybe the red flyer will turn out to be the wrong one.

8. Let's talk about money

According to the time, quality also needs money. We inform you transparently about our costs. We can always talk about the price, but with decency. You probably wouldn't tell your dentist that it won't take more than half an hour.

11. Efficiency is the laziness of the intelligent

Jeff Lebowski, the icon of laziness, puts it in a nutshell: why create trouble when it's so easy? Spare yourselves unnecessary task assignments and leave the project management to us.

10. The customer doesn't want to be king

Honest conversations, competence, partnership, we sincerely believe in that. Not in a corny but simply in a pragmatic way: Clients harm themselves if they think they know better. You have the last word, but trust in our ambition.

Our guide with the 11 principles is also available as a set of postcards

You are welcome to order one from us and we'll send the set to your home free of charge. Would you like to have more than one? No problem – tell us ushow many you need and we will send them for a small contribution to your desired address. 
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