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Campaign posters, annual reports or logos for startup businesses, we design all print materials for you and your clients. Years of experience in the creation of corporate designs and the intuition for refined typography distinguishes ourselves. We have a big network of partners, which allows us to conduct the whole process for you – from design to print.


We connect your on- and offline world. Interactive is as multifarious as any creation in the print world. We design and program websites, e-shops, apps, games and ensure the compatibility on devices required.


Illustrations give your business, products and services a face. Mascots, team picture or cartoon – there are no boundaries when it comes to the look & feel of the characters. Figures can be used many-faceted: They are considered to be an appealing figure, visualize processes and tell stories.


We animate characters. Animations are popularfilms that are used in campaigns, advertisements and presentations with increased regularity. Texts, processes or stories are difficult to put into words. Animations can just be the ticket for you.


Our team includes five creative heads that specialize on the development of exceptional ideas and concepts. You would like to implement campaigns but are limited when it comes to resources or time to dedicate to the concept? We have ideas and create in collaboration with you creative concepts in design and communication.


Pixelfarm can help to select and set-up your right online platforms. We also offer a dedicated community management to bond the users to the brand on a long-term basis.