Social Media Strategy

What goals do you want to achieve with social media? Which topics should be communicated in which form to which target group? Which channels make sense for this? How much budget should be invested in online marketing? Questions upon questions.

An individually structured social media strategy provides an overview of all online communication measures, defines goals, topics, content, tonalities, frequencies, etc. and thus enables the optimal use of the possibilities of social media. Performance criteria defined in the strategy provide a solid basis for detailed evaluations, adjustments and ongoing improvements of the online presence.

Content Creation

There are different ways to visually address target groups. Whether graphics, illustration, animation, photo or film, we create relevant content for the various digital platforms and also write suitable texts. Based on predefined topics and goals, we create editorial plans in order to build up regular online communication and thus constantly provide users with new, relevant content.


Spread that stuff.Spontaneous and manual social posts are tedious, time-consuming and often somewhat forgotten. Let us worry about that. After your approval, we will schedule the content and the posts will be published automatically on the appropriate dates.


Promote posts and reach new spheres – or at least target groups. Customer retention is alright but what about customer acquisition? You can also reach other relevant target groups via social media if the posts are promoted with an advertising budget. Strengthen brand awareness through a high reach, promote website clicks or sell a product directly via social media. Our ad experience from various sectors shows: There are almost no limits here.

Community Management

Close to the users, thanks to authentic interactions. Social media offers new ways to interact directly with customers. Whether it's messages, comments or story reposts. We help you organise the various enquiries on social media, write appropriate responses and thus bind users to the brand in the long term.


Numbers are important. Have you ever taken a look at the post data from Facebook or Instagram? There are countless key figures and guidelines. We pick out the important ones, interpret them, summarise the findings and work with you to develop new approaches and improvements for future performance.

Cross-media content and campaigns

Today, almost nothing works without social media. Nevertheless, we still swear by a beautifully designed flyer, brochure or poster. A combination of online and offline activities is ideal. We would be happy to work out how we can implement your ideas cross-medially.

Our latest works

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